George D Greenberg

In the early 1800’s in the western United States, Judges would travel from town to town on horse back. Law enforcement was difficult at best and civil litigation was almost unheard of.

So it is with the brave new world of Crypto currencies. Bitcoin and Litecoin are the most well known and used alternate currencies. Bitcoin has great power and is indeed a form of money because hundreds of thousands of people have agreed to sanction it as such. It is easily converted to dollars or to the purchase of products.

Understanding Bitcoin is not nearly as important as understanding Bitcoin industries, markets, vendors and where you as an investor or business owner fit in. This is a highly speculative and barely regulated arena, which also makes it potentially highly lucrative. Modern day millionaires are being created every year by being involved in the industries surrounding this new and exciting form of money.

Some of the industries include owning and operating computer mining equipment, actually creating coins out of thin air. You may purchase contracts with large scale coin miners, which are then paid out to you over time as a pro rata share of coins mined. You can also buy and sell Bitcoins and other alternate currencies on exchanges. You can build and sell the machines that mine the coins. You can be involved in securing and processing the coins or in accepting the coins in exchange for goods and services. As an attorney my role is in educating, protecting and guiding the investor or business person in transactions related to this new currency.

As an attorney for 23 years I have a finely tuned mind when it comes to recognizing scams or misleading offers and separating the good from the bad. You can make very good ROI or return on investment if you tread carefully. I will help you customize your investment plan or business. Do you want to buy coins? Mine coins? Purchase mining contracts? The road is fraught with peril! But it is also has legitimate opportunities. I will get you safely started and help you along the way, giving you the best chance of succeeding in this fascinating and exciting market.

As to the business man or woman, there are many companies involved in Bitcoins and some provide excellent products and services but none that I have observed so far, truly conduct themselves with the sophistication that an ongoing business should. From misspellings in web sites and contracts to poor construction of contracts, failure to understand customer service, poor public relations efforts and amateur business negotiations. This is a relatively small community and it only takes one or two harsh comments from credible players to hurt a business. As a business owner and attorney I will help you make a professional presentation, understand the legal aspects of both running your business and dealing with customers and add credibility to your contracts and user agreements.


George D. Greenberg, Esq


I accept payment in Bitcoins; Credit Cards or Cash (known in this world as “Fiat.”)

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