Bitcoin has great power

and is indeed a form of money because hundreds of thousands of people have agreed to sanction it as such. It is easily converted to dollars or to the purchase of products.

Modern day millionaires

are being created every year by being involved in the industries surrounding this new and exciting form of money.

Understanding Bitcoin

is not nearly as important as understanding Bitcoin industries, markets, vendors and where you as an investor or business owner fit in.

Meet the attorney

Attorney At Law
As an attorney for 23 years I have a finely tuned mind when it comes to recognizing scams or misleading offers and separating the good from the bad.


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Attorney Guided Bitcoin Investments.

The wave of the future is here, and it is here to stay. Bitcoin is used by hundreds of vendors large and small as a form of payment. I will explain and guide you in:

  • Mining Contracts (purchasing and selling)
  • Bitcoin wallets
  • Bitcoin payments
  • Mining Rigs
  • Regulation and Tax issues
  • Converting Bitcoins to dollars
  • Converting Bitcoins to gold and silver
  • Litecoins and other “Cryptocurrency”
  • Alternate currency and politics, what to avoid, what to pay attention to
  • Scams and shams

Everything you need to get up and going, whether you want to set up your own computer mining “rigs” or invest in contracts. Please understand that this is a highly speculative and risky adventure and not for the timid. But the rewards are potentially lucrative and it is ALWAYS exciting!

New to Bitcoin?

Watch this short video for a quick overview, then give us a call to get started today!